Julie Moulder

I am a relatively new homebuyer and I recently was put in contact with Obu as I was looking to understand the best options available to me in regards to my mortgage. As a solo buyer, I felt a little in the dark about what I was paying, how my mortgage was structured and this lack of understanding made having a mortgage a stressful experience for me.
Upon meeting Obu, I explained that I wanted to understand all possible options available to me to ultimately reach the goals I was setting for myself. I have received varying advice from a number of people but Obu was clear, concise and really understood my circumstances which made all the difference. She listened, provided options and ultimately solutions to deliver the results I was after. Most importantly, her vast knowledge of many products and services meant we could really find a solution that was tailored to my needs and put me in a strong position to make the most of my financial situation.
The process of dealing with Obu was also seamless. I was well informed of where the process was at and it was executed fast and most importantly stress free for me. Everything to change into my new situation was completely taken care of by Obu and literally one day the new mortgage was in place and I was up and running!
I would definitely recommend Obu to friends and family and found her fantastic to deal with. I’d like to thank her for taking the time to really listen to me and execute a great result!