About Us

Smart Money Solutions is a mortgage broking firm dedicated to helping our clients access the best home loan product based on their personal needs. Our company was started in August 2009 with a vision to provide information about home loans to busy professionals and to help them secure their first, second or subsequent properties.

We recognised that first home buyers needed guidance and there was no one who took the time to provide information they deserved to know before they can choose the right home loan. We also realised that some of you may not have the time to research the hundreds of options available before choosing what is right for you.

We specialise in helping people build their property portfolio. We are experts in the lending guidelines used by over 45 lenders including the major four banks as well as other second-tier and non-bank lenders. We work with your financial planner and accountant to understand your long term plan and then suggest the right way to structure your investment home loans.

At Smart Money Solutions, our philosophy is to not only provide you the right information at the right time, but also to guide you as needed with your property buying journey. We pride ourselves in taking the time needed to understand your situation before providing a tailor-made solution – just for you.

Who is Obu aka ‘The Mortgage Angel’?

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Obu Ramaraj has been a mortgage broker since 2009. She has written over $150 million dollars of loans and still maintains a personal touch to all her clients, no matter how small or big your deal is because she enjoys helping people achieve their dream of buying their own property. By sharing her knowledge and experience she hopes to instil confidence in anyone looking for a home loan. Her attention to detail and drive to achieve the best result for each and every client are enviable assets in the home loan industry.

Obu is passionate about helping all home buyers feel comfortable with the property buying process; however her strongest passion is to help more women become self-assured property buyers. She has helped over 200 investors build their property portfolio, some of whom have secured upto nine properties. Her goal is to increase their financial awareness and have more people buying houses from a very early age, comfortable in the knowledge that they have made the right choice for their circumstances.

Obu, her husband and two children live in Melbourne.